Hotel Noordzee

Dirk van den Burgweg 69
3151 XM
Hoek van Holland
0174 382273

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Tom Rawlinson


The lady on the phone sounded very nice, and we'll probably stay at this hotel in 2 days time.

But I thought I'd check out the web-site that the Noordzee keeps for itself - much less useful than yours!

I had to wait to load "FlashMedia 10", otherwise I couldn't visit the site atall, then I had to wait while it did all the bells and whistles thing. Then I'd have printed it off - except I couldn't do so (or, not by the usual methods, anyway!). Roll on simple informative web-sites, with maps that print the way you expect them to do!

Tom Rawlinson - who has never stayed in a Dutch hotel he doesn't like - but really needs the map, or else he gets lost. gebruikt een paar cookies om het surfen te vergemakkelijken... lees meer. akkoord