27 mei 2019
Roam: Club Showcases - Lost Heritage, Śniedź (17 mei 2019)

Roam: Club Showcases - Lost Heritage, Śniedź (17 mei 2019)

Lokatie: De Doelen te Rotterdam
Titel: Roam: Club Showcases - Lost Heritage, Śniedź
Link: www.dedoelen.nl
Categorie: theater
Datum: vrijdag 17 mei om 22:00u
Overige Informatie:
Roam: Club Showcases - Lost Heritage, Śniedź22.00-23.00 | DJs Ben Hogwood & Matt Groom United Kingdom

23.00-23.30 | Lost Heritage (France)
Lost Heritage is François Vasseur and Pierre Chataignon. They form this French electronic and contemporary music duo, based in the region of Geneva, sharing a love of jazz, classical, urban and electronic music. François Vasseur is an electronic composer and pianist who began as a DJ. Pierre Chataignon embraces many musical styles (from world music to electronic, voice-over and film). High quality sound recording, mixing and production is central to their work. Lost Heritage invites you to discover a special musical language and their sensitive touch to electronic beats.

00.00-00.30 | Śniedź (Poland)
Śniedź is a voice and electronics duo from Warsaw combing extended vocal techniques with improvisation and electronics. They call this ‘glitchtronica’. Singer, performer and sound-artist Aleksandra Klimcza, known for her ground-breaking collaborations with young artists from different fields, performs a late-night set with music curator Antoni Beksiak. Contemporary crossover, ethnic, classical, jazz and pop influences all feature in his work as initiator, critic and creator. He also performs with other groups including Constantin Popp, Geba and Warsaw Improvisers’ Orchestra. But tonight your very own invitation to try ‘glitchtronica’!